Digital transformation of healthcare

In line with Saudi Vision 2030 and its ambitious aspirations based on the Kingdom’s potential and latent capabilities, Tatmeen aims to build a digital health care system based on the best local and global practices by improving health services, enabling a full and healthy life. Raising the level of quality of life for beneficiaries while facilitating access to health services. Improving the quality of services and enhancing prevention against health risks.

We strive to spread hope and improve health

Our mission is to spread hope and improve health by providing integrated clinical practices, promoting medical education, and conducting advanced research in the field of medicine, mental health, and family.

Advancing the field of medicine to protect health

Our vision is to advance the field of medicine to provide avenues of communication and treatment as the first line of defense against serious and challenging diseases.

Tatmeen’s Values

Patient needs first

At the heart of our core values, we prioritize patient needs and strive to meet them by providing optimal healthcare.


We respect the dignity of all individuals in our diverse community, including patients, their families, and colleagues, treating them with utmost respect and appreciation.


Upholding high professional and ethical standards, we are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards in our work, and we strive to carry out our duties with integrity and personal responsibility, in order to deserve the trust that patients place in us.


Caring for patients' feelings, we strive to provide the best healthcare by considering patients' feelings and empathizing with them on their health journey.


Inspiring hope and comprehensive care, we strive to inspire hope and care for the well-being of individuals in a comprehensive way, and we work to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.


Combining skills and promoting cooperation, we appreciate everyone's contributions and combine the individual skills of employees to achieve superior cooperation, and we work together as a team to achieve our common goals.

Research and innovation

Encouraging innovative ideas, we encourage innovation in quality assurance and create a vibrant and active environment, and we use the creative ideas and unique talents of each employee to improve the lives of our customers.


Achieving the best results and providing the best services, we strive to achieve the best results and provide the best services through the dedicated efforts of each member of our team.

Good governance

Sustainability of the mission and communities, we are committed to preserving our mission and our wider communities, and we invest our human, natural, and financial resources wisely to ensure the sustainability and development of our mission.

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At Tatmeen, we aim to provide the highest quality of psychological and family care with love and care, we select the best expertise licensed by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties.

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All the medical information contained on the Tatmeen website aims to increase health awareness, and does not replace the need to consult a specialist.

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